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As a Shipping and Quality Assistant within the Custom Mechanical Components business unit at Precipart, you will play an integral role in the delivery of high quality medical and industrial components and instruments. Getting fully finished products into the hands of our customers requires proper packaging, handling and documentation of infinitely precious cargo. The ideal candidate will thrive in a fast-paced environment and have confidence in their ability to manage multiple moving parts, while adhering to exacting processes and procedures. You are the first and last touch point for inbound and outbound packages. As the last person to physically touch an order before it makes its way to the customer, your ability to execute tasks with a high degree of precision is paramount to our operational efficiency, our customer s overall satisfaction and to achieving Precipart s vision of enhancing lives through innovative solutions. 

Location London
Field Quality Control
Time Full-time
Date 25 July 2019
Start Date 10 July 2018
Length of Employment Indefinite Period
Contract Business Licence
Company name Circles Co Visit company page
Logo logo

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