Job Detail: Accommodation Director

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 Work with budgets, planning, creating schedules and manage day-to-day operations.  Deal with maintenance issues, shortages in equipment, renovations and all logistic procedures.  Ensure that company standards for guest services, décor, and housekeeping services are met or exceeded.  Minimize wastage of materials and energy through careful monitoring.

About the job

Location London
Field Hospitality and Tourism
Time Full-time
Date 02 August 2018
Lenght of Employment Length C
Contract Business Licence

Job details

Responsibilites - Conduct any issue escalations from the residents and team member and solve it in a timely manner.
- Coordinate with other departments to make sure that the work is running smoothly.
- Train new employees and coach them on the best practices.
Requirements - Must be an Arab with fluency in English.
- Proven experience as Hotel Manager, Accommodation Manager or relevant role in the Hospitality industry.
- High professional communication skills in all levels.
- Ability to multi-task and engage people in fast-paced and constantly changing environment.
- Ability to adapt with of new softwares and technologies.

About the Company

Company name Plumes co.
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Form Company
Employees 0-10
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